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10 Top Tips For Becoming A Professional Speaker

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I am often asked by many aspiring motivational speakers and others just wanting to improve their public speaking skills;
“What do I need to do to become a motivational speaker?,
how do I become a more professional speaker?”

If you have ever asked one of these questions, then you’d better read on to discover my 10 top tips that will help you become a confident and engaging motivational speaker or professional speaker.

1. Never read your keynote speech – Lets face it, when a public speaker reads their speech, it’s generally pretty boring and after a few minutes, the audience will often switch off and not even remember a thing you’ve spoken about. Try to memorise all of your main points, important quotes and key messages. Delivering a professional keynote address always come across more engagingly and confidently, when you are able to deliver it in your own words, rather than parroting off pages of text. Try rehearsing your important quotes, messages and one liners, by speaking them out loud at home, until they start to roll easily off the tongue. This will enable you to feel much more confident with your content, so that your mental dot points become simple easy to remember triggers that will unlock a captivating, informative and entertaining keynote address.

2. Slow down and speak clearly – You will always notice that the best professional speakers, actors and news readers, communicate in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Every word and every sentence is there for a specific reason and purpose. That is to share an experience, articulate the facts and convey a clear message to the listener. Short clear sentences that deliver one key point always work best. So choose and consider carefully what it is you are trying to say and make every word and every sentence count.

3. Never be afraid of silence – What’s the first thing people do when they forget what to say? Ummm… Yeah… We are always tempted to fill the gap with something! There is absolutely nothing wrong with silence. In fact silence is one of your most powerful moments as a professional speaker, or motivational speaker. It firstly gives you time to think about what you are about to say next, but more importantly, it allows the audience to process and absorb every word you are saying. Eric Clapton, famous blues musician once said; “It’s not how many notes you add into the song, but how many notes you leave out that makes a great song.” The same concept is true with public speaking. The audience will be hanging off every word you say, if you give them enough time to take it all in.

4. Avoid over using and relying upon a power point presentation – yes the old saying is true, death by power point can be a real killer for any motivational speaker. While technology can be a very powerful tool, it can also become boring and very distracting. If you are constantly turning back to look at your power point slides as a prompt and crouch for remembering what you need to say next, then you’ve seriously run the risk of losing your audience. Power point slides and video clips are their to support and reinforce your message, not to be the focus of the message. Keep it simple, relevant and engaging, but remember the audience is their to listen, learn and be inspired by you, not the machine.

5. Make sure that you can be easily heard by everyone in the audience – You might think that you have a clear voice, but as soon as you turn your head to the right, the people on the left potentially can lose focus. Have you ever listened to some one speak, including a professional speaker, when they pass off a joke, or a side comment, which you didn’t quite get? So then you lean over to the person next to you and ask; “What did he say?” and they reply; “I’m not sure… I didn’t hear it either!” Learn how to use the microphone to your advantage and don’t be afraid of hearing your own voice. Proximity is important, so that whether you are speaking loud, soft, right or left, your voice is always the focus of everyone’s attention right throughout the orditorium. Every word from a professional speaker must be heard!

6. Do not speak in a monotone voice – If you want an audience to switch off in the first three minutes, then speak in a monotone voice. And if you speak for another three minutes in a monotone voice, without changing your volume, then your audience will more than likely have fallen asleep by this point. Varying your vocal pitch and volume is a very powerful technique. After all your voice is the primary tool of your trade, so use it to full effect. When you get to the serious and personal part of your keynote address, then pull back slightly on the volume and lower your voice just a bit, but stay up on the microphone so that you can still be heard easily. Then when you are in the middle of saying something humerous, or at the climax of a story, then raise the volume and pitch and perhaps add some animation to your voice. This not only helps you as a professional speaker to keep your keynote interesting and engaging, but at the same time taking your audience on a journey, that will remain a memorable experience in the hearts and minds of every listener.

6.Share your own personal experiences and become the master story teller – I’m certain you will agree, that the most interesting and entertaining motivational speakers and/or professional speakers you will ever listen too are the ones who always have that special knack of being able to tell an amazing story. However it’s more than just being able to share a great yarn… It’s being able to recognise the didactic purpose contained within the story and then drawing out the important key messages and connecting it with each of your listeners.

7.Make them laugh, make them cry, make them think, make them fly – A successful motivational speaker has the greatest impact, when they are able to completely disarm their audience. This is achieved not merely via the spoken word, but by engaging their audience by sharing the whole emotional experience with them. So an experienced and professional speaker has the ability to get the audience laughing one minute and then crying the next. They are able to challenge peoples thinking, perception and prospective, but most of all, they have the ability to empower the audience with information, confidence, courage, optimism, self belief and vision.

8.Have an amazing start and a killer finish – What’s critical as a professional speaker, is to capture the hearts and minds of your audience immediately. There are plenty of great ways to accomplish this! It might be to ask your audience a thought provoking question, share an intreaguing statistic, telling a joke, or launching into an engaging story. In my case I could hit them with some sizzling guitar playing. What ever intro you choose, make sure it’s a strong beginning that’s clean, clear, confident and engaging enough to immediately win over your audience. The outro and conclusion to your keynote address is the grand finale, so it must be amazing and finish on a high. Don’t peak too early and then allow your speech or performance to drop off at the end. Your final statement is your crowning message and the one that will leave everyone absolutely inspired and wanting more.
So give them a good reason to listen… and knock’em dead!

9. Understand the needs of and connect with every member of your audience – Becoming a professional speaker doesn’t matter how little, or how often you speak. What’s important, is knowing, understanding and being able to connect with every member of your audience, regardless of age, culture, industry, or executive status. Ask yourself; “What is my audience looking for?” and “How can I make sure that I connect with every single person in the room or orditorium?”

10. Understanding why you are there and give the audience a reason to listen – I think Chris Anderson, the curator for TED Talks summerisedit best when he said; Your number one mission as a speaker is to take something that matters deeply to you and rebuild it inside the minds of your listeners. The only thing that truly matters in public speaking is not confidence, stage presence or smooth talking. It’s having something worth saying.

Would you love to be a more confident public speaker?
Are you interested in a career as a motivational speaker?
Or would you simply like to aquire the communication skills of a professional speaker?

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