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“ The greatest mountain we climb in life is the mountain inside ourselves.

Lorin Nicholson

Amazing Blind Guitarist & Motivational Speaker Lorin Nicholson

Many people consider living a normal life a huge achievement for someone who is blind. If this is the case, then Lorin is definitely not the norm. At age four, doctors diagnosed Lorin with a genetic eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa RP and with only 10% sight, was declared legally blind. Despite the enormous challenges of blindness growing up and the pessimistic views and low expectations of so many, it soon became obvious that Lorin possessed an incredible inner strength, resilience and determination that would see him destined for great things.

As one of Australia’s leading inspirational speakers, Lorin not only understands the keys and principles for success, he personifies them and now shares this knowledge and experience with hundreds of audiences around the country and the globe.

“When you hear Lorin speak, his sincerity is compelling. You want to achieve something meaningful. Not because he did it and he’s blind, but because he convinces you that anyone can accomplish great things.”


Orvon Gough, Australian documentary and film maker

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As one of Australia’s most loved inspirational performers and corporate presenters, Lorin is a motivational speaker with a huge difference. Unlike the usual, naturally gifted celebrity athlete, business person and motivational speakers who choose to become successful, Lorin was forced to dig deep, fight hard and muster every ounce of his willpower just to be normal. Amazingly, he continues to power on to achieve far above and beyond most abled people. His clear method for success is delivered in a way that is real, authentic, personal, completely engaging and absolutely inspirational.

If you’re looking for an amazing keynote speaker that can really deliver the goods, contact us today to learn more about Lorin Nicholson and why he’s one of the most famous and sought after motivational speakers in Australia.

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Lorin has become one of Australia’s most successful independent recording and performing artists, with five albums to his credit, a golden guitar finalist, 3 Frater awards for excellence in the touring performance program, as well as winning 2015 music producer of the year at the Australian Celtic Music Awards. Lorin’s virtuoso skills as a guitarist has also earned him a lead-line endorsement with the prestigious Martin & Co Guitars, FBT audio, Fishman Amplifiers and Rode Microphones, as well as hundreds of newspaper articles, radio and television interviews and appearances including 60 Minutes and several guest appearances on Channel Nine’s nationally televised Carols by Candlelight.

What sets Lorin apart from other public speakers, is his spellbinding talent as a guitar player, which he skilfully weaves in throughout his keynote address, leaving every member of his audience both inspired and mesmerised.

If you are looking for one of the most entertaining guest speakers and performers for your event, give us a call.


At age 16 and legally blind, with less than 10% eyesight, Lorin’s friends rightfully laughed and scoffed when he declared that he was about to attempt riding a solo pushbike nearly 300km to the beach, over the third steepest mountain range in Australia from Tamworth to Port Macquarie. The Amazing Bike Ride is the heart wrenching, heart stopping and heartwarming true story of this incredible journey, along with the courageous support of his father, John. The simple and powerful messages of resilience, determination and self-belief conveyed throughout the story are bewilderingly inspirational and has earned Lorin a place on the New South Wales premiers reading challenge list and has definitely left the public wanting more.

The amazing bike ride book
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Lorin’s first attempt to ride a bicycle at age 7 had most people worried, apart from his two extraordinary parents, who encouraged him to develop as much personal independence as possible. A huge love for cycling followed and yes, there were some huge risks. Not the least of which was his epic solo bike ride at age 16 over the third steepest mountain range in Australia from Tamworth to Port Macquarie.

Then in April 2010 another huge dream came true, as Lorin and his blind younger brother Dean created Australian history, as they became the first blind persons to ride tandem pushbikes over 4,100 kilometres (2575 miles) across Australia in a four-week epic journey from Perth to Sydney. During his most recent cycling challenge, Lorin and his 17-year-old son Andrew, rode a tandem pushbike 1800km 1125 miles) from Brisbane to Melbourne, where he was once again invited to perform on Channel Nine’s nationally televised Carols by Candlelight. His “Blind Courage” ride down the east coast attracted hundreds of media hits around Australia, with a reported media value of $1,000,000 and a trail of several million people that were inspired by his extraordinary journey.


After completing his formal education, Lorin defied the critics and naysayers by forging one of the most successful and leading edge remedial therapy businesses in Australia, treating over 30,000 clients from outback farmers to Olympic athletes, in a stunning career spanning 15 years.

Lorin was and continues to be renown for his exceptional interpersonal communication skills, innovative branding, industry leadership and his ongoing quest for excellence in all aspects of his life.

He clearly understands how to dream big, harness opportunity, calculate risks, forge strong partnerships, create strong branding, set high goals, achieve new benchmarks and get the job done! These key skills and attributes have not only enabled him to become a gifted therapist and exceptional businessman but has lead to him become one of Australia’s most sought-after and inspirational conference speakers.

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For professional speakers and guest speakers, contact us today to book Lorin Nicholson for your next event. One of Australia’s top motivational speakers could be at your next conference providing personal motivation and corporate team building inspiration.

Lorin has also received many accolades including:

  • Queensland Service Award
  • Vision Australia’s Person of the Year
  • Brisbane person of the Year nominee
  • Australian Person of the Year nominee


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