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Amazing Blind Guitarist & Motivational Speaker Lorin Nicholson

Australian based motivational speaker, LORIN NICHOLSON, is renowned globally for delivering unique and powerful keynotes.

Lorin Nicholson customises his public speaker presentations to meet the needs and objectives of every audience across all industries, from hospitality to mining, health to finance, sales to technology and service to education.

Corporate services include

  • Inspirational Keynote Addresses
  • Engaging Professional Speakers and Learning Seminars
  • Empowering Staff Training Workshops
  • Captivating After Dinner Speeches and Performances
  • Personal Corporate Mentoring
  • Motivational guest speaker

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Lorin Nicholson at NIAS Awards, Tamworth 15.11.08

Lorin is without fail the most talked about keynote speaker and highlight at every conference he attends. His powerful messages, captivating delivery style and incredible guitar playing, coupled with his unrelenting determination through adversity and infectious enthusiasm for life always leaves an indelible imprint on the lives of everyone he meets.

Whether it’s simply giving your team a motivational pep-up, or developing greater initiative, vision and leadership among your staff members, or refocusing your company’s direction and business positioning strategy, Lorin is renown for his profound ability to communicate, innovate and accelerate individuals and organisations towards higher achievement.

Lorin Nicholson on stage giving trophy at NIAS Awards, Tamworth

Presentation Topics Include

  • Clarifying your vision – Don’t be blinded!
  • Unlocking the one secret to success or failure!
  • Become the leader – Are you the one everyone is following?
  • Thriving through times Of change & challenge – Do you have what it takes?
  • Become the master communicator –  Speech and body language are only the beginning
  • No excuses. Become the owner!
  • Shattering expectations – What and where are the limits?
  • Don’t let the music die in you! – Discovering the strength within.
  • Achieving the impossible – Become a record breaker.
  • Climb Your Own Mountain – A personal strategy for a lifetime of success.

Whatever the theme, size or purpose of your event, Lorin is the motivational speaker that will ensure your event is a huge success.

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Why choose Lorin Nicholson for your next corporate event?

Lorin’s vast experience and professionalism as a keynote speaker is guaranteed to make your next function one that will be raved about for months after the event and one which will be remembered for a lifetime.

“Lorin’s performance, with his poignant message and endearing wit, not to mention the spellbinding guitar work, was the perfect way to close our inaugural conference. People are still talking about it several months later.”

John Adams, National Indigenous Educators’ Conference

Lorin Nicholson at NIAS Awards, Tamworth 15.11.08

Lorin is regarded as one of the most prolific and top motivational speakers Australia… and for good reason!

“We’ve had many celebrity speakers address our organisation over the years and I don’t know how we will find another one to top Lorin’s amazing performance and keynote.”

Robert McCann – Patron Finance

Lorin Nicholson playing guitar on stage during NIAS Awards, Tamworth

Lorin shows corporations, organisations, sales teams, executives and staff how to implement clear concepts and strategies that increase both personal and executive leadership and achievement, making him one of the best corporate speakers in Australia.

“Your comments on leadership success were surgically interwoven with personal stories and experiences accentuated with well-placed humour and song. Thank you for weaving our Olive Garden purpose, hospitaliano, and seven principles into your striving for excellence comments.”

Kris Lundeen – Olive Garden USA

Lorin Nicholson at NIAS Awards, Tamworth 15.11.08

Lorin engages, moves and inspires audiences in a way that will leave them motivated, positive and ready to make changes towards greater success.

“When you hear Lorin speak, his sincerity is compelling. You want to achieve something meaningful. Not because he did it and he’s blind, but because he convinces you that anyone can accomplish great things.”

Orvon Gough – Australian Documentary and Film Maker

Lorin Nicholson talking on stage with lots of audience

Lorin provides informative, interactive and entertaining keynote speeches and workshops that engage and captivate every member of the audience from start to finish.

“This would have to be one of the best inspirational speakers I have been to. It was really something different. I loved that Lorin played his guitar for us and kept his speech entertaining, with great audience participation.”

Melanie Seeto – Trilby Misso Lawyers

Lorin Nicholson at NIAS Awards, Tamworth 15.11.08

Lorin skillfully uses his own real life experience, energy and drive to ensure his keynote speech is customised to suit your specific event, conference theme and corporate goals. He specialises in corporate team building making him one of Australia’s profound business speakers and leadership speakers.

“JBS definitely chose the right person. You’re truly amazing! Keep inspiring!”

Ken Palafox – JBS Australia

people listening to lorin nicholson speaking on the stage

Lorin provides practical takeaway advice that can be implemented immediately to achieve real change to benefit all audience members and organisations.

“Lorin Nicholson is not only a man with vision! He is a man of true commitment, courage, humility and determination to overcome his disability and to not let anything get in the way of his dreams and goals. His inspirational story is told in a very honest, humorous and entertaining way that captured the heart and mind of everyone in the audience, challenging us to make the most of our own lives and empowering us with the vision to achieve it, no matter the odds against you!! ”

Peter Annis-Brown – Northern Inland Academy of Sport

Lorin is always willing to remain after a keynote speech and performance to meet with special delegates, answer questions and meet and greet conference guests.

Lorin is one of Australia’s most loved conference speakers who will not only have you sitting on the edge of your seat, but will leave you with enough personal and business motivation to last a lifetime.

lorin nicholson playing guitar during the national young leaders day

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