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November 17, 2016 0

What I’ve learned from 4000 keynote addresses

Posted by:Admin onNovember 17, 2016

Being a professional public speaker is a constant quest for excellence and demands ongoing personal improvement. You must always prepare yourself physically, mentally and creatively, as every conference, every event and every audience is different and they totally deserve your very best performance every time you step out on stage.

You are only ever as good as your last keynote address. Even if your last motivational performance was amazing, you can never rest and say; “That’s good enough.” Keep learning, keep exploring, keep creating and keep it fresh!

Becoming a successful motivational speaker requires hard work… And lots of it!
People often say; “I wish I could play guitar like you”, and I tell them; “You can… Just go and buy yourself a guitar… And sit on the end of your bed for 20 years and you’ll be really good at it!”
It’s the same with anything you want to be good at, including becoming a successful motivational speaker. It requires practice, practice, practice!

I’ve learned how to never get nervous on stage. In fact the bigger the audience, the more I love it! When a corporate speaker, or any public speaker stands before a live audience, the adrenaline is bound to start pumping. It’s at this point that you either allow that adrenaline to turn into anxiety and nervousness, which then cripples your performance, or it can become a focused positive energy that will spur you on to deliver the most energised keynote and performance of your life.

The audience wants you to succeed. They want to be entertained, engaged, empowered and inspired by your motivational stories and messages, so what ever happens on stage, have fun, enjoy the moment, give it your best and never let the audience know when something goes wrong… And if they do know, then laugh along and give them a great time anyway!

Always be open minded and prepared to learn from others and never say a bad thing about your fellow conference speakers or industry professionals. It will only come back to bite you. Everyone has something positive that you can learn from, so always look for the good in others – It will ultimately help you in becoming your best!

As much as public speaking requires you to be confident and exhibit a charismatic stage presence, always be humble and gracious in the way you speak and treat others, right from the conference organisers, through to the technical crew and thronging fans. You are never better or more important than they are!

The real key to completely captivating your audience, is to make every person feel as though you are speaking or performing just for them. So ask yourself the question; “How can I engage, include and inspire that person sitting right in the back corner?” “What will make them feel special and as though I am performing just for them?”

Be comfortable and confident with who you are. Every motivational speaker, public speaker or inspirational artist, has their own unique style for delivering their story, their music and their message. It’s a completely unique and personal signature that you possess, which no one else can ever copy. So establish your own motivational DNA, be proud of it and give it your very best shot!

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