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Why Use A Speaking Bureau?

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A couple of months ago, I had a very interesting conversation with the head of HR for a very large international company.  His aim was to organise a major conference event for their Australian management executives, which included a number of celebrity speakers and motivational speakers to inspire their key people.


A flood of initial questions went through his mind…

  • What do I do next?
  • How do I go about organising a corporate conference that will be absolutely amazing?
  • How do I find and select the best celebrity speakers and motivational speakers?

Suffice to say that my HR friend was also under enormous pressure from his international management, to make sure that his conference didn’t end up a huge fail!  In fact his future career in the company, now hung in the balance – and by a very meagre thread at that!  This conference had to be a success, or else!


At this point he didn’t even know that speaking bureau’s even existed, so found himself immediately turning to the great bureau of all ubiquitous information, Google.  What surprised him, is that instead of seeing a clear list of motivational speakers, celebrity speakers and professional speakers, he found a list of very distinguished speaking bureau’s, each containing their own roster of names including hundreds and hundreds of motivational speakers, keynote speakers, celebrity speakers, professional speakers, musicians, comedians, magicians, MC’s, facilitators, compares, consultants, mentors and all manner of performers, educators and entertainers.


This may seem quite daunting at first.

  • How do I choose the right motivational speaker or celebrity speaker from such a long list of talented people?
  • How does a speaking bureau help me to organise my conference and ensure that it is a success?
  • What other services does a speaking bureau offer and how do they work?


There are many people that have no idea that most keynote speakers are usually booked through a speaking bureau.  Each speaking bureau has a number of experienced staff and consultants that can help you to plan and execute all aspects of your conference or event. Speaking bureaus are able to work with you in achieving the following:


Discuss the needs of your conference or event.

Create a short list of professional speakers for you to choose from, including motivational speakers, keynote speakers, or celebrity speakers, that will most suit the needs of your event.

Help you to plan out a suitable structure and agenda for your event, along with the right speakers to ensure everything runs smoothly and that it’s going to be a success.

Once you’ve chosen the motivational speaker, keynote speakers, or celebrity speaker for your event, the speaking bureau organises a contract with all of the guest speakers and conference providers.


The speaking bureau consultant also organises all the travel accommodation and AV requirements for your MC, guest speakers, motivational speakers and performers.

They coordinate a briefing session between you and your chosen keynote speakers prior to the event so that you can discuss your specific needs, conference theme and any of the final details.


By this stage, your speaking bureau consultant has taken much of the stress from you having to plan, organise and execute such an event, as they confirm that all affairs are in place ready for showtime.


The speaking bureau has a responsibility to ensure that all elements of your event, including keynote speaker contracts and invoices, have all been delivered and paid according to your needs and expectations. A good speaking bureau consultant often works tirelessly and seamlessly in the background, leaving you to be able to sit back and enjoy participating, listening, socialising and being inspired by your celebrity speaker, corporate trainer, or motivational speaker.


Finally, after the event is over, your personal speaking bureau consultant will sit down with you for a debrief, where you’ll be able to discuss the highlights and outcomes of the conference.  Oh yes, there are still often some challenges or hiccups along the way, however, speaking bureaus have enormous experience organising hundreds of corporate events every year.  Therefore, you are always in safe hands when it comes to smoothing out the hiccups along the way.

An experienced motivational speaker, or celebrity speaker, has also honed their craft over many years, presenting in hundreds of keynote speaking engagements, thus they are able to make your conference and event engaging, inspiring and a memorable experience for all in attendance.


There are other occasions where professional speakers and motivational speakers are not always booked through a speaking bureau.  In other words, you may be able to book directly through their website or personal management team.  This can often occur due to event organisers receiving a personal recommendation through word of mouth, or you may simply prefer to deal direct with the personalities and motivational speakers that you are booking for your own event.


I must make a special note here at this point…


If a speaking bureau has booked a motivational speaker or celebrity speaker for your event in the past, which then leads to a referral or recommendation to another future corporate speaking event, then it is common courtesy and contractually expected for any future booking to be redirected through the speaking bureau.  After all, it was the speaking bureau that generated the work for the motivational speaker in the first place, so it would only be right for the conference organiser and the motivational speaker to both deal through the speaking bureau for any future booking.


If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your next event, book Lorin Nicholson directly through our website, http://www.motivational-speaker.com.au/ or call on 1300 66 53 63. Alternatively, you may prefer to book Lorin through your favourite speaking bureau.


By the way, the national conference organised by the HR manager was a huge success.  In fact, the international executives were so blown away by the quality of the several booked motivational speakers, that they commented that it was the best conference they’d ever attended. Lorin Nicholson was also booked as one of the key motivational speakers for this event, with feedback stating that he was the most talked about motivational speaker at the whole event, with dozens of attendee’s naming him as their favourite motivational speaker and most inspirational part of the conference.


About Lorin Nicholson

Lorin Nicholson is renowned globally for his professionalism, as well as his amazing ability to captivate, entertain and inspire every audience.  His vast experience on stage in over 4,000 keynote performances makes him one of Australia’s most prominent, experienced and sought after motivational speakers.  You can feel rest assured knowing that he will make your next conference a huge success and one which will be talked about for weeks and months after the event.



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